AusSTS2022: “Generation”

(Thurs 28th and Fri 29 July, 2022)

As STS practitioners, we grapple with the understanding that generating knowledge and ideas are always practices in becoming, unfinished, and multiple, never isolated. We are asked to think about the socio-technical, material-discursive, and political relations that generate some worlds and ideas, and exclude others. These multiple configurations speak of the inevitability of interdependence, relationality, permeability, and boundaries.

To think about generation in multiple senses means to think through the humble awareness of our indebtedness to other bodies, knowledges, histories, ecologies—as a part of a community in constant formation. This awareness can reflect in the ethics of our own praxis. It can inspire us to bring into conversation different generations and sensitivities of STS. It can also speak of the knowledges and material practices that shape memories of past generations, and expectations and promises about future ones. It can mean asking what relations get remembered, what relations are maintained, and who is harmed or excluded in the process.

AusSTS is committed to bringing together STS scholars from across Australasia by offering a space where these conversations and reflections can happen freely and generously. As with the AusSTS2021 workshop, AusSTS2022 was run as a multi-sited event hosted across four locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, and Wellington.

Watch the Opening Keynote

Current Generativities in Feminist, Antiracist, and Decolonial STS

Opening Keynote with Anne Pollock (King’s College London), chaired by Carina Truyts

AusSTS Sydney Public Lectures

Public lecture with Abby J. Kinchy (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), chaired by Sophie Adams

Sickening: Anti-Black Racism and Health Disparities in the United States”

Book talk with Anne Pollock (King’s College London), chaired by Mia Harrison

Creative Contributions from Local Nodes

AusSTS Sydney Video: “What does ‘Generation’ mean to you?”

Photos from the Workshops

Workshop Recaps

(coming soon)

Organising Committee

Sydney: Roberta Pala, Mia Harrison, Sophie Adams, Matthew Kearnes, Kari Lancaster.
Melbourne: Tim Neale, Thao Phan, Carina Truyts, Tyler King, Lauren Kelly, Kieran Hegarty, Emma Kowal
Darwin: Michaela Spencer, Jennifer Macdonald, Kirsty Howey, Kelly Lee Hickey, Jennifer Deger, Leonie Norrington, Matt Barlow, Yasunori Hayashi
Wellington: Courtney Addison, Max Soar, Dinithi Bowatte

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