Department of Philosophy

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Welcome to the Department of Philosophy. Research and education of the department focus on the philosophy and ethics of technology and engineering science. The department is strongly committed to interdisciplinary work and has close ties to many other University of Twente programmes and research fields, both in social science and engineering. Three research strands in Philosophy are covered by the department: ethics of technology (chair: prof. dr. Philip Brey), philosophy of human-technology relations (chair: prof. dr. Peter-Paul Verbeek) and philosophy of science in practice (chair: prof. dr. Mieke Boon). The philosophy department houses a master programme Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society (PSTS) and offers a wide range of bachelor and master courses in other University of Twente programmes. The department participates in the 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology, the Netherlands Graduate School for Science, Technology and Modern Culture, and the Dutch Research School for Philosophy.


Department of Philosophy, University of Twente
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